Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Poor Girl From Sarawak

A few weeks ago a girl from Sarawak study in UMS staying King Fisher was raped and beaten by two people who dragged her into a car and drove to Tambunan, and within 10 hours terrible things happen to her.

After police saved her from a car over topped in Tambunan and arrest the two criminal and send her to Keningau hospital and later on sentenced the two criminals in jail but story about the girl are never heard of, what happen to her and no body even care.

As I heard from people in Keningau, she was transferred to Bukit Padang Mental Illness Hospital because since the rescue she still cannot speak and I think she in deep depression. I hope media can play some role on this, as least show our Sabahan kindness to let people know what happen to her instead of cutting the news off.

What I want to say is the danger awareness of the people should improved, as I remember when I travelled in Penang in very young age, a friend of my sensed two robbers street away when we walked along the street in Butter Worth and avoided them by walking toward a oppose direction.

As Young guys now like walking and using hand phone it is giving opportunity to criminal to act. And personal safety awareness should taught in the school instead of learning them in the hard way, in the jungle of civilisation.

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