Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sabah, The State of Tolerance

I born in Sabah and live in Sabah and here is my home and I love this place as it give so many memories back from childhood, as I grown up and politician come and go but they not taken away the true spirit of Sabahan.

In west Malaysia, politicians still fighting with each other for the benefit of their races and suffered from March 8 general election still not recover but in Sabah we already facing many time the change of government, from USNO to BERJAYA to PBS and now back to sharing of power.

Sabahan will not afraid of change of government, if any Members of Parliment jump ship in Malaysia Day to opposition party, Sabahan will face it steady and benefit from the change as current state government is full of bad publicities.

The reason is, Sabahan put race aside when decide political issues, and we don't has religious problem as in West Malaysia, here we can share table with muslim in a coffee shop who sale halal and non halal foods. And in many family is Sabah, family members with different religion living together.

Politicians from West Malaysia should come and long stay in family in Sabah to feel the spirit of tolerence here.

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